Electrical Service Experts

Zisabo stands out among South African residential electrical contractors because our level of openness to our customers, our commitment to excellence and our insistence on safety is unmatched. As a family-run team of residential electricians, we understand how critical it is for us to help our customers protect the assets they have made in their homes and do everything we can to make sure our electrical connections and elevations are the safest, highest quality imaginable. If you are ever concerned about any of the electrical services in your home, do not hesitate to call us. We want you to stay safe!

Electrical Service Upgrades to Older Homes

Our team of experienced residential electricians can safely ensure that vintage and older homes are able to handle the electrical demands of modern life. While modern homes are built to handle 200-amp service, many older homes are not. This means that running computers, printers, flat screen TVs, and other modern, high-tech appliances can cause problems in homes that were built in earlier decades. Our electrician services can safely and effectively upgrade your home’s ability to smoothly handle the demands of modern life.

Restore power to dead outlets, electrical panels and fuse boxes

It is important, for your safety, to call our residential electrical contractors whenever your home experiences an outage of this nature. Do not attempt to try and fix these things without calling us first!

Installing new lighting or fans

Our residential electricians are highly skilled at helping homeowners with home improvement projects that involve installing any kind of lighting: new ceiling lights or fans, recessed lighting, lighting under kitchen cabinets, bathroom lighting, basement lighting, outdoor lighting and more.

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