Protect your equipment with an electric inverter

The power grid is often subject to current fluctuations or power outages that can damage your devices plugged into each outlet. To avoid this, there is a solution: the electric inverter. Essential on your installation, it offers many advantages. Here's how this item will help you protect your gear and why it may be wise to equip it.

What is an electrical inverter?

Plugged directly into a power outlet, the UPS is used to secure and protect the electrical and electronic equipment that is connected to it. The electric inverter usually consists of several parts:

The role of an electrical inverter is to protect your equipment in case of:

On some models, it is possible to connect more than one electrical appliance at a time. This is very convenient for protecting various equipment at the same time. By protecting your equipment against current variations, you extend its life.

Which devices to protect with an electric inverter?

All your household or electronic equipment can be protected with an electric inverter.

Generally, this accessory is particularly used to protect:

When you decide to place an inverter near your office, it is better to choose a model on which to connect several devices. This way, you can connect your printer, your computer's CPU, the screen and more.

Why equip yourself with an electric inverter?

The purpose of the electrical inverter is to permanently protect your devices whether they are switched on or in standby mode. It is he who must be plugged into your socket. You will then connect your devices to the outlets on the UPS. Thanks to this intermediary, your equipment does not undergo any voltage difference, it is protected efficiently.

In the case of a computer, the protection provided by an electric inverter will have a double effect. Thus, in addition to preventing voltage variations, this accessory will allow you to protect your work. Indeed, thanks to the backup batteries, the electric inverter supplies electricity to your PC. This gives you the time to save your documents and shut down your machine properly.

If your electrical system is often subject to brownouts, the UPS will once again save your equipment. It has more than one function, whether for domestic or professional use.

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