How to Choose the Right Geyser Size for Your Home

When it comes to buying a geyser, the size you choose can have a big impact on your day-to-day life. If you buy a geyser that's too big you'll end up wasting electricity by heating up more water than you actually use. And if you buy a geyser that isn't big enough, you'll constantly run out of hot water!

That's why it's important to carefully consider your geyser size before you make your purchase. But if you've never purchased a geyser before and don't know the first thing about water heating systems, then the variety of geyser sizes to choose from can be rather overwhelming! So to help those first time geyser buyers out there, we've drawn up a simple guide to head you in the right direction.

Guide to Choosing A Geyser

Before you read through our recommendations below, please note that the size of your geyser is largely dependent on your household's hot water consumption needs. Each person's water consumption needs are unique, therefore it is important to understand that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all' approach for purchasing geysers. The guide below should only be used as a starting point for first time geyser buyers.

Granny Cottages

Granny cottages or staff units, with a kitchenette and shower, usually have very basic hot water consumption needs and therefore they don't require a geyser with a large water storage capacity. A small, compact geyser with the capacity to hold around 50 litres of water would be the best option for this sort of living arrangement.

A Small Flat for Two

A two person flat with a small shower and kitchen won't use up much hot water unless you or your partner have a bad habit of taking really long showers! But if you use water sparingly, then you shouldn't need anything bigger than a 100-litre geyser.

A Family of Three

A geyser with the capacity to store 150 litres of water should be sufficient for a family of 3 with average hot water consumption needs.

A Family of Four

If your family doesn't use more hot water than necessary, then 200 litres is ideal for four people. However, this geyser size can also work for a family of three with heavy hot water demands.

A Family of Five

For a family of five with average hot water consumption needs, we recommend using a 250 litre geyser.

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